Principal’s Message

 “Lord bless our School & all who pass through its halls of learning.

   May our School always be the home of truth and wisdom, faith and good will

   towards all, helping to build up our community and nation.”


I read this prayer somewhere and I would like to make it my own.

The message for us, in the field of education I believe is to nurture not merely high scorers but more essentially to nurture a generation of young adults who will be courageous enough to stand up for the truth, speak out for what is right and pave the way for ‘India Shining’

Our eminent PM, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru believed that the onus of nation building rests fully on the young shoulders of children. He could see in our children India’s nation – builders of tomorrow.

In this context, we endeavor to offer our children ample opportunities to discover their potential through the varied activities we organize… and it does not stop there … we are continuously scouting for new ideas, to create more updated learning experiences, new ways to create a more conducive atmosphere for children and so on.  We strive to strike a balance between academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities so that their personality development will include not only intellectual but also social, emotional, and spiritual development.

We introduced Speech & Drama Classes all within the framework of the regular school schedule. Our objectives for taking on this project was firstly, to complement personality development by enhancing the verbal communication skills of children; secondly, to boost their confidence level, in the process building up their self-esteem.

I appreciate our Staff for planning varied activities throughout the year. My gratitude is due to all my Sisters of SJC who place great trust in us & continually support us.

I am happy to say that we have always had the support and cooperation of parents. Our PTA members help us on important occasions such as the Fun Fair, Sports Day, and Annual Day, etc.

As I see our journey over the years a deep sense of gratitude and joy surges through my heart; we trust in the ocean of abundance. Here and now; our journey so far has been successful and we thank God for his marvelous ways in guiding us throughout the years.

May our patron, St Joseph, ‘the silent and honest man’ inspire us and through his intercession, may we be empowered to establish a Communion of LOVE wherever we are placed, in keeping with our charism of building Communion.

Sr. Amala Jyothi