Principal’s Message.

As I undertake this new responsibility I am confident that, with the help of the Almighty our school will continue to march ahead upholding its noble traditions and values.
It is my desire that, we the Management and the Staff double up our efforts’ to nurture our students in an atmosphere of love, harmony and communion empowered by Faith and Prayer'( in keeping with our Vision)

The theme that we have adopted for this year is:

“Let your Light Shine “

I would like to see our students turn into shining lights, symbolizing team spirit, unity, communion and collaboration of the SJC family in keeping with the Charism of our Congregation, “building communion”. Every child ought to grow up to be a shining example, a light to others as also to oneself.
We believe that each child has tremendous potential. Our aim is to help every child to discover her God-given talents so that she can realize her full potential. The united efforts of the Management and the Staff, supported by the parents can make this happen.
I am proud to say that this committed effort started more than 50 years ago with our dedicated founding Sisters headed by Reverend Mother Mechtilde. Today, we, Sisters and teachers are ready to rise up to that challenge that is visualized by our Management.

I conclude with these inspiring lines from our School Anthem:
      “So bravely we”ll toil,at no labour recoil
         Pressing on till the goal be won”

     Yes, with God’s guidance, our work will bear fruit slowly but surely.


                            God Bless

               Sr. Amala Jyothi,