From the Principal’s Desk

Each child is a rich treasure of knowledge, feelings and experiences. In our day-to-day interaction with students, in the frequent activities organized for them, we find that in their simple and innocent ways they transport us into a beautiful world of surprise, mystery and rare possibility and immense joy.

Indeed there is a wealth of goodness, kindness, sympathy and generosity which lies hidden in the soul of a child. Seeking to unlock this hidden treasure, we decided upon the theme, ‘Called to Holiness’ which essentially is all about striving each day for all that is better, more positive, more beautiful and noble. It is also about living a righteous life, i.e. being kind, gentle, loving one another, humble, forgiving, and not forgetting about our responsibilities and commitments to one another in our own families, in our schools/work places and in society.

Together we travel on this journey much has been accomplished……. I am grateful to God for you, my Staff and students. However, much remains to be accomplished. “… We have miles and miles to go as Robert Frost says.


Sr. Amala Jyothi